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Energy Data Acquisition System

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The RKPG-00-01-3P is a portable electricity metering and data acquisition system, designed to acquire, process and communicate electricity usage data. The system is lightweight and is designed to be installed at a new site within minutes. Also included, ResourceKraft Advisor for 1 year

RKPG-00-01-3P Features

  • Fully integrated with ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Management System
  • Simple to configure and deploy. Can be easily extracted from one site and deployed in another within minutes
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • No on-site configuration—the data begins appearing on the ResourceKraft Advisor website within minutes
  • One built-in energy meter measures both kWh and kVArhCommunication via GSM/GPRS network, independent of existing IP networks
  • Supplied with a standard magnetic mount antenna. Compatible with a wide range of alternative antennas
  • Colour coded plugs for CT insertion
  • Automatic CT pole correction for easy installation
  • Custom configurations available