2000A Rogowski Flexi Current Transformer 18” Length – 0.33v Output

2000A Rogowski Flexi Current Transformer 18” length. 0.33v output. Includes integrator and DC power supply (UK – 240V). Each set includes 3 CTs.

Product Features

  • Measurement Range from 100mA…3000A
  • Basic Accuracy and Output Range
  • 30/300A +/- 1% of Reading +/- 0.1A
  • 3000A +/- 1% of reading +/- 1A
  • Range Selection by Robust Rotary Switch
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz to 10kHz
  • High External Field Rejection
  • 1000 Hours Continuous Battery Life
  • Rogowski Coil Head Connection Sealed to IP65
  • Complies with EN61010 Safety Standard
  • Highest Safety Category at CAT IV 600V /CAT III 1000V

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